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Mon Sep 22 11:11:40 MDT 1997

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>I believe he is talking about having stars like Meryl Streep
>testifying about the harmful effects of Alar.  Of course, it is a
>subject she was neither an expert on or qualified to speak about.

        John, thanks for the reference to Streep and Alar.  Who knows what
situations Stephen may have had in mind when he accused conservatives of
criticizing the expertise of movie stars who speak out on issues.  His broad
brush certainly allows us to think he is proposing that Streep is to Alar as
Heston is to the 2nd ammendment.  This is too deliciously absurd to argue.

>Any guess at the qualification they expect you to have to defend the
>Bill of Rights?

        Lifetime membership in the American Friends Society?

Bill White

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