More on Guns

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Mon Sep 22 12:38:26 MDT 1997

>        John, thanks for the reference to Streep and Alar.  Who knows what
>situations Stephen may have had in mind when he accused conservatives of
>criticizing the expertise of movie stars who speak out on issues.  His broad
>brush certainly allows us to think he is proposing that Streep is to Alar as
>Heston is to the 2nd ammendment.  This is too deliciously absurd to argue.

Your assumptions are glorious.  Again - you fail to address the one point I
have made continuously: you brought up Mr. Heston - not me.  John brought
up Meryl Streep, not me.  You have managed to twist my original post into
an attack on a man I never even mentioned, and then you tell me - excuse
me, then you tell someone else - that said attack is absurd.  Make up
claims - draw conclusions.

Quite amusing.  And you are absolutely right - unarguable.

Stephen Frye

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