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Cable News on Thursday nights at 9:00pm EST and NewsChannel 8
in the DC-Metro area on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST. If you do not
have access to these stations, you can watch GOP-TV's "Rising Tide"
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Tonight on GOP-TV's Rising Tide (09/25/97)

Join GOP-TV's host Laurie Clowers for the latest news and
information in the Republican Party:

In GOP News we bring you the latest on Senate committee hearings
on alleged abuses by the IRS and a new effort by Representative
Bill Paxon (NY) and Senator Sam Brownback (KS) to reform the tax
code.  We'll report on a commitment to fight crime by New Jersey
Governor Christie Whitman, a new pledge toward education by
Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Gilmore, and an endorsement
to reform the Endangered Species act from Montana's Governor Marc
Racicot.  Finally, we'll update you on a GOP effort to speed
up the approval process of the FDA so patients can receive life-
saving drugs and devices.  Former Senator Bob Dole is on a crusade
to raise awareness for prostate screening-it's a matter of life
and death.

In tonight's Page One, David Thibault reports on the Democrat
fundraising scandal.  The Clinton-Gore Administration has dodged
the issue of widespread campaign abuses by calling for campaign
finance reform.  But if the White House cannot follow current
campaign finance laws, how genuine can their plea for new
regulations be?

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is among those who warn about
rushing into campaign finance reform.  Tonight-Senator McConnell
is in the GOP-TV Spotlight with Republican National Committee
Chairman Jim Nicholson.

In Insider Hotline Liz Hamel looks at Bill Clinton's failed loan
consolidation program and a Republican effort to modernize the
Department of Education's financial system.  We'll also give you
something to sing about as the Singing Senators take the stage
with the Oak Ridge Boys.

Follow the law!  It's a simple rule that Bill Clinton and Albert
Gore can't and won't understand.  RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson
tackles the issue of campaign finance reform in tonight's
Nicholson's Note.

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