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Thu Sep 25 22:00:11 MDT 1997

>            GOP-TV Schedule

Does anyone really care ?

>       Date:
>            Thu, 25 Sep 1997 18:20:15 -0400
>the approval process of the FDA so patients can receive life-
>saving drugs and devices.  Former Senator Bob Dole is on a crusade
>to raise awareness for prostate screening-it's a matter of........

A fitting "crusade" for Dole.......campaigning for president is certainly
not his strong suit

>In tonight's Page One, David Thibault reports on the Democrat
>fundraising scandal.  The Clinton-Gore Administration has dodged
>the issue of widespread campaign abuses by calling for campaign
>finance reform.  But if the White House cannot follow current
>campaign finance laws, how genuine can their plea for new
>regulations be?

The Clinton-Gore Administration didn't "dodge" the issue.  The lap-dog
Repubs let them off the hook.........once again.

>In Insider Hotline Liz Hamel looks at Bill Clinton's failed loan
>consolidation program and a Republican effort to modernize the
>Department of Education's financial system.  We'll also give you
>something to sing about as the Singing Senators take the stage
>with the Oak Ridge Boys.

Oh boy----something to really get excited about !

>Follow the law!  It's a simple rule that Bill Clinton and Albert
>Gore can't and won't understand.  RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson
>tackles the issue of campaign finance reform in tonight's
>Nicholson's Note.

Follow the law ???   Then why are the Repubs bending over, spreading
their cheeks and inviting Boy to stick em with "campaign reform" ?
The Repubs are no longer just stupid, they're pathetic.

john v

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