why the jails are filling up

Jim Nantz 98564 at EF.GC.MARICOPA.EDU
Mon Sep 29 11:26:59 MDT 1997

Here's my thoughts on why the jails are filling up.  It all has to do with
money.  The people in charge of the jails need to show that they've had
some huge number of people in their system.  The more people they can say
they handled the more they can justify their request for money.  This also
helps when you have to justify your request to the angry voters.  Let's
take a normal enough county sheriff we'll call him Joe.  Joe is nothing but
a media whore and he wants as much good press for himself as he can get.
His main concern is how much he sees his name in the papers.  He may even
set up a web site for himself and put the url on the patrol cars.  You
might see one pass you on the road and see something like www.mcso.org on
the back of the vehicle.  The more people he can show passed through his
jail the more he can cry to nearly famous talk show hosts about how
underfunded he is.

Like I said just my 2 cents worth.

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