Dick Morris and the flu

Sun Feb 1 20:06:44 MST 1998

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>Hi.  2:22 a.m. here.  Went to the clinic
 >       the other day with a minor complaint and
 >       came away  with a major case of the FLU.
 >       This is the meanest  version I have ever
 >       encountered.  No bone,  joint, muscle is
 >       spared.  I am getting well now, but hope
 >       all you guys    are taking  precautions to
 >       avoid this.   PapaPaul

        Thanks PapaPaul I am taking precautions.  No flu shots for me, though.
I sleep every night bathed in the sweet magnetic field of my Nikken matress
pad; I w
alk and sit on the magnets during the day.  I take Nikken nutritionals designed
by Dr. Charles Simone, who wrote the book on cancer and nutrition and cured
President Regan of cancer.  I feel terrific all the time and am confident that
the bugs just don't have a chance.  Not bragging, just confident.

        I have the same confident attitude toward conservativism.  This list,
among other sources, keeps me politically healthy.

Bill White

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