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Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Sun Feb 1 20:45:38 MST 1998

>What's wrong with it?  Just ask anyone in the military today.  Most if not
>all of them will tell you about the poor morale and the poor maintainance
>on equipment, the stories of having to take parts from one airplane to
>repair another and so on.  Sending in a poorly maintained military will
>probably result in added casualties on the part of the American forces
>dependant on the stuff.

I have asked a lot of people in the military today.  I visit bases, talk to
sailors, soldiers.  I correspond with both.

Remember, please, that the gross cutback began years ago, not just
recently.  Even now, our congress does its best to cut back.  Cash bonuses
are offered to persuade senior enlisted and officers to retire early -
rather than trying to retain the experience.

We were cannibalizing aircraft in the 1970's - that is surely nothing new.
But you can't take cannibalization out of context.  When folks tell you
about that, dig a little deeper.  We often cannibalized knowing that a
particular aircraft was headed for depot.  We also cannibalized to make
more ready for high stress maneuvers or training.  It's almost always
faster than intermediate maintenance.  That is NOT to say that parts and
supplies are not available.  Quite the contrary.

Also dig a little - or a lot - deeper when questioning or evaluating the
quality of maintenance.  Maintenance workers of today are more highly
trained than they ever were.  The schools are better, the equipment used in
the schools for training is more real world than it ever was.

Look at our leadership and performance in the Gulf versus Vietnam.  In
spite of what the politicians have tried to do to the military, our
soldiers have risen to the challenge.

Soldiers and sailors of today are well aware that they could be called to
battle duty on a moment's notice.  Being aware of that, they are also fully
aware that their lives are dependent on their equipment and their
readiness.  They are doing everything in their power to be battle ready.  I
think they clearly demonstrated that in the Gulf.  And since then, the
training and readiness is even more acute.

Stephen Frye

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