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PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Feb 2 04:29:58 MST 1998

At 09:51 AM 1/29/98 -0800, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>(Yeah, I
>>know, it's because the economy is so good.)
>You bet.  That's the single biggest issue at which people look.  It is the
>primary subject of conservative discussion.  Face it - what percentage of
>the conservative philosophy is financially based?  We talk money, money,
>money.  And money wise, most people I know are far better off today than
>they were 8 or 10 years ago.  You can try to credit this to Mr. Reagan - as
>has been done recently here, but I doubt you'll convince anybody.
>You're darned right that our rights are being eroded - tragically.  But
>personal financial success is still - perhaps unfortunately - more
>important to most people.  That's why, difficult as it seems, we must try
>to win them over, not fight them.
>>        Besides, every time someone tries "a non-threatening, yet
>>compelling method of 'selling' our philosophy" peoples' eyes start
>>glazing over and we're accused of being "too professorial."
>I have never heard that.  People's eyes glaze over when we start calling
>them ignorant, soccer moms, blind, whackos, immoral, etc.  How long would
>any one of us listen to someone who used the same approach on us?  I am not
>saying people have to be babied.  But how successful has our approach been
>so far - looking to 1992, and 1996?
>Stephen Frye

        I think this is a useful thread.  I think you fellows
        have identified the reason many of us on the list
        consider ourselves conservative (in my case, conservative/
        leaning libertarian); i.e., we are concerned about the
        loss of liberty.  How do we convince our fellow citizens
        of the danger we see?  I'd like to see further discussion
        on the topic.

        And I'd like to toss in an idea here.  I think we could
        choose our targets more carefully.  While it may be fun
        to lay into a liberal, it is likely that we will get only
        a minimal return on our invested energy.  After all, what
        we are asking these people to do is:  1)  Unlearn your
        cherished philosophy,  2) Learn my cherished philosophy.
        Instead, I'd suggest we spend more of our time and energy
        on those family members and friends who really haven't
        developed a set philosophy.  The payoff should be a lot

        Regards, PapaPaul

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