Crackdown in ShangHai

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Feb 2 04:34:35 MST 1998

I just ran across this item in the China News Digest, to which I subscribe.
In case you are interested.   -- PapaPaul

[CND, 01/16/98] Authorities in Shanghai are now trying to suppress a
growing number of illegal clandestine publications, covering such
controversial issues as "Princelings of the Communist Party of China" and
"Who Killed Lin Biao," said a report on Friday, as noted by AFP.

LIN Biao, long denigrated as the architect of a failed coup d'etat against
MAO Zedong, died under suspicious circumstances in a plane crash close to
the border of the former Soviet Union in 1971.

These are among over 40 other titles, characterized as having "grave
political problems," that are currently being sold at unsanctioned
bookstores and stalls.  Authorities believe that these materials are
prepared overseas, smuggled into China, then illicitly copied, reprinted,
and circulated throughout the country by surreptitious means, said the

Officials from Shanghai's News Publications Bureau and Public Security
Bureau mapped out strategies on Thursday to seek and destroy politically
damaging materials.  According to WANG Jianhua, Director of the Shanghai
Publications Market Control Bureau, "These publications seriously twisted
reality and deliberately harmed the reputation of Chinese leaders."

According to Wang, the welfare of the state, particularly in light of a
harmful "influence on young students," is at stake.  He promised to
confiscate all illegal books, to find where they came from, and where they
are kept.  The books are in continuous, secretive circulation to evade
detection.  (Sue BRUELL, Ray ZHANG)>>

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