Emily Carder/Ste Em AC.ArtIV at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Feb 2 07:12:11 MST 1998

|February 2, 1998
|   The answer why the "feminists" are silent in commenting
|on Bill Clinton's sexual deviation can be found in their belief
|that if he "fell," they would suffer the critical loss of:
|  1) His veto of legislation opposing their pro-abortion policy.
|  2) His granting of billions of tax dollars to satiate their
|     "Soccer Moms'" perceived social needs as addressed in his
|     State of The Union speech.
|   In essence, the "feminists" are telling the nation that
|Presidential mis-conduct matters not, as long as they
|get "theirs."  Should the majority join in that belief, as
|polling indicates they are, we are well on the way to the
|debasement of our constitutional government as envisioned by
|its creators.
|Kenneth E. Wyman

        Ummm... are you surprised?  No one yet has mentioned that the who
flippin' mess has done more set the women's movement on its heels than a
clamp-down on abortion-on-demand would.  Lewinsky is hardly the poster-girl
for the 'smash the glass ceiling' campaigners.


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