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Jose Rojas joserojas at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Feb 2 11:28:08 MST 1998

PapaPaul wrote:
>         How do we convince our fellow citizens
>         of the danger we see?  I'd like to see further discussion
>         on the topic.
>         And I'd like to toss in an idea here.  I think we could
>         choose our targets more carefully.  While it may be fun
>         to lay into a liberal, it is likely that we will get only
>         a minimal return on our invested energy.  After all, what
>         we are asking these people to do is:  1)  Unlearn your
>         cherished philosophy,  2) Learn my cherished philosophy.
>         Instead, I'd suggest we spend more of our time and energy
>         on those family members and friends who really haven't
>         developed a set philosophy.  The payoff should be a lot
>         higher.

Agreed. I don't know how many times I have tried to debate rationally
with friends only to have them come back with emotional arguments (e.g.
what about the children of those kicked off welfare, what about those
who were raised in an abusive or dysfunctional home?) We can not change
these people but maybe we can educate them. E.g. I asked friends to
explain how the Repubs were going to starve children, they didn't know.
Then again, I voted for Slick in '92 (before I had any political
Raise the young with conservstive values and teach those with no strong
political philosophy, I like that. An investment.


Jose Rojas
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