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Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Mon Feb 2 18:25:00 MST 1998

5:00 PST  (8:00 Eastern)   Monday Feb. 2, 1998

ABC Radio just reported that Monica Lewinsky and her lawyer are still
in Washington DC... and that talks with Ken Starr to get her immunity,
have resumed.

Thank gawd. She said at one time, that she had an affair and was
told to lie about it... but said at a different time, that it never
happened. Obviously, she lied one of those times (or more). She was
also heard on tape, saying that she had lied all her life, or something
close to that.

We need to get her under oath (even with full immunity, if she lies
THIS TIME under oath, she can be prosecuted for perjury, can she not?),
talking freely... so that more TRUTH AND FACT can come out.

I would also like to see Linda Tripp put under oath, under penalty
of perjury.

And all the other major players in this perjury-and-obstruction

We've had too much guessing, innuendo, retractions, and conclusions
with no evidence. Let's let ALL THE FACTS come out, and let the chips

As Mrs. Clinton said, someone will have a lot to answer for.

Steve Maher

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