Iraq invasion as a diversion (was Re: )

Doug Bergner doug at NETWRX.NET
Tue Feb 3 12:16:39 MST 1998

At 08:50 AM 2/3/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>What past 'mistake?' You cannot consider Bush stopping where he did as a
>I most certainly can - and do.  I hold the president extremely accountable
>for any military decisions.

Dont mean to butt in here, but let me respond by saying..."HU?!" I think you
have missed the mark here my friend.  Bush did what the coalition mandate
outlined and no more...he neither had the authority or the support to push
on into Bagdad.  We (the U.S.) were part of a world wide force.  Had we
acted with impunity and without reguard for the other members of the
coalition, we certainly would have suffered the consequences.

>No, I am not in favor of gambling with American lives - or anyone else's
>for that matter, but war is exactly that.  It kills people.  Sure - we
>minimized the loss.  We moved Saddam out of Kuwait.  We saved the oil.  And
>now we're faced with the crisis before us - for which many are blaming Mr.
>Clinton, and this is one he didn't do.
   Agreed, this one he didnt do.  Well, not exactly, you see I feel that
because of his MANY problems here at home, (through his own doing..)he
appears weak and confused.  Someone who is more worried about his immediate
political future than about some bonehead half pint, half way around the world.
Therefore this jerk in bagdad thinks he may have a little slack and takes
advantage of it.  One thing would seem certain, the situation has been
mishandled to this point by this administration.  Now with the latest
trevails (sp?) it gets worse by the hour.  Clinton made his bed,
unfortunately we will all be made to lay in it...(eewww!!)

"If no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us is
capable of governing someone else" -Ronald Reagan
There are very few problems in the world that cant be cured by the
appropriate amount of high explosives... -unknown

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