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Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Tue Feb 3 15:03:53 MST 1998

Gary in one of your previous posts you mentioned how New York vehicle
inspections now include emissions testing.  Arizona does not have a vehicle
inspection program but they do have an emissions testing program for cars
owned by people who live or work in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.
The program has proven to be a burden on the poor.  The poor can't afford
to drive newer cars so they are stuck with driving older cars that pollute
more than new cars when they are maintained properly.  Of course the poor
can't afford to maintain them properly.

The whole vehicle emissions program has proven to do little to affect air
quality.  It does nothing to vehicles registered outside of the Phoenix or
Tucson metro areas.  It does nothing to city busses and you've all seen how
much smoke they give off.  It's turned into a big game where people try
every trick in the book to beat the test.  Many mechanics know how to
adjust a car to temporarily beat the test.  Some people get a P.O. box out
of town for the purpose of registering their vehicles.

Vehicle emissions have proven to be virtually ineffective while putting a
burden on people who can least afford it.

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