You lied again Bill

Hank Stanley arjohns at ADNC.COM
Tue Feb 3 19:07:07 MST 1998

The undeniable truth, well spoken, Jim.

But, you know, because of the unrelenting propaganda from the left, few
will have the courage to believe that this is actually the reality of
deficit (one of these is even a subscriber to this list!).

The alleged president will claim to whoever will allow themselves to be
duped that his "deficit reduction" policies resulted in the balanced
budget.  But he never once reduced the deficit.  In fact, as the
president himself admits, the deficit will still be in existence until
1999, at least.  The reality is that the _rate of increase_ in the
deficit is what slowed -- something that was inevitable anyway after the
S&L bailout ended.  Then, with the Republican majority in congress (for
which I am willing to give Clinton ALL the credit) the rapacious
government was reined in sufficiently to let the federal revenues
produced by the good economy catch up and finally zero the deficit next
year.  As you say, this could have happened 10 years earlier if the
Democrats had kept their side of the Reagan tax cut (matching cuts in
spending equaling the reduction in taxes) since federal revenues
increased from $550B in 1983 to $990B in 1989.

Now, standby for the revisionist(s).

At 14:33 2/2/98 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:
>Mr. President you lied to us again today.  You said your balanced budget
>proposal finally undoes the damage done by trickle down economics.
>You know as well as I do that the economic policies of Ronald Reagan caused
>revenues coming into the treasury to grow.  You also know as well as the
>rest of us that one of your people - Tip O'neil broke his promise to cut
>You know that your party the Democrats controlled the house during Reagan's
>entire tenure in office and your party controlled the Senate during his
>second term.
>You also know that spending bills originate in the house - that body the
>Democrats controlled all through the 80s.
>You know that the Democrats on several occasions overrode Reagan's veto on
>spending bills that helped contribute to the 5 trillion dollar debt we face
>It was the Democrats that controlled the congress for 40 years.  They could
>have controlled spending enough to avoid this huge debt but they didn't
>want to.  The Democrats (yourself included) have used the treasure as your
>private fund for buying votes.  You're using our hard earned money to bring
>more people to the federal trough.
>Your people have abused the welfare programs to put many people capable of
>working for a living on welfare and buying their votes in the process.  We
>all know that you would never have gone along with welfare reform and to
>tax cuts if it were not for the Republican Congress.
>The current economic growth is not due to your policies.  The current
>economic growth is happening despite what you've done.
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