Lack of U.S. Military Combat Strength

Hank Stanley arjohns at ADNC.COM
Tue Feb 3 19:31:57 MST 1998

At 08:47 2/2/98 -0800, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>   Folks are "whistling past our national graveyard" if they
>>believe we are at full military strength.
>What in the world is "full military strength"?  Are we where the military
>leaders want to be?  No - we NEVER have been.  Generals and Admirals have
>always wanted more - that's their job.  Patton was never satisfied, Bradley
>was never satisfied, MacArthur was never satisfied - with number of troops
>and equipment.
Full military strength is not just what "Generals and Admirals have always
wanted."   It's more likely what the various branch Secretaries and the
SecDef want.  But, if you think the military is at full strength, let me
tell you that, at this moment, the U.S. Air Force is deficient some 3500
combat pilots.  The retention is down because morale is.  The Department of
Defense is offering  pilots bonuses of $60,000 to stay in and still can't
find enough takers.


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