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At 03:03 PM 2/3/98 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>Gary, in one of your previous posts you mentioned how New York vehicle
>inspections now include emissions testing. Arizona does not have a vehicle
>inspection program but they do have an emissions testing program for cars
>owned by people who live or work in the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.
>The program has proven to be a burden on the poor. The poor can't afford
>to drive newer cars so they are stuck with driving older cars that pollute
>more than new cars when they are maintained properly. Of course the poor
>can't afford to maintain them properly.

        This is not entirely true. A six month old car can trip a detector and
return a "fail" reading. It depends on driving habits, type (grade) of
gasoline used, and whether the engine has been correctly timed (or has
slipped out of time - a rare occurance, but it can happen).

        There are also phony readings, designed to simply take cars off the road.
I can't even speculate as to how common this is. However, I know that it is
going on in metropolitan "pockets". It's the ol' GIGO formula - garbage in,
garbage out. It is contingent on the computerized sensor settings.

>The whole vehicle emissions program has proven to do little to affect air

        Absolutely right on the money. Pennsylvania has burdened its residents
with this little theft-by-deception since 1976. Yet, the EPA is as cranked
off as a grumpy grizzly bear, awakened in December. This year, the EPA has
*MANDATED* tougher standards, measuring micro-fine particulates for
Pennsylvania. Our emissions inspection cost has *DOUBLED* from last year.

> It does nothing to vehicles registered outside of the Phoenix or Tucson
metro > areas. It does nothing to city busses and you've all seen how much
> they give off.

        The reason? Two words.....transportation lobby........

> It's turned into a big game where people try every trick in the book to
> the test. Many mechanics know how to adjust a car to temporarily beat the
> test.

        There are very few ways to accomplish this. Governmental fiat has taken
away the idle adjustment screws on fact, government fiat
has mandated EFI (electronic fuel-injection) to replace carburators on
certain vehicles. About the only thing you can do to doctor an EFI setup,
is change the injection jets. To do this, you've got to take the EFI unit
completely off the vehicle and completely dis-assemble it. Even if you are
very good at this, you are still looking at more than an hour's worth of

> Some people get a P.O. box out of town for the purpose of registering
their > vehicles.

        Smart idea.......I'd do it, too. All of Pennsylvania is now subject to
this test. Before this latest edict, I got my vehicle inspected in towns
where they weren't required to give an emissions test. Now, I'm just gonna
drive without a sticker and challenge the law in court.

>Vehicle emissions have proven to be virtually ineffective while putting a
>burden on people who can least afford it.

        Because they are a complete joke, as is the global warming scam.

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