bye Carla

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Feb 4 00:57:26 MST 1998

At 07:33 PM 2/3/98 -0600, Emily Carder/Ste Em wrote:
>|At 6:45 pm cst Carla Tucker finally got what was coming to her.  My only
>|regret is that it took 15 years.
>|Plutonium - fat free, no cholesterol, zero calories
>    I neither regret the exercise of justice by the execution of Carla, nor
>do I appreciate the amount of time it has taken to be carried out.  However,
>I will thank God for whatever extra time she was given so that He could
>create faith in her and have her returned to Him.
>        Emily Carder
        Well said, Emily.  ~~ PP

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