a better mouse trap

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Feb 4 01:03:51 MST 1998

        Jim, you're a funny guy!
        Loved your story.  PP

At 10:06 PM 2/3/98 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:
>Earlier today someone mentioned something about a better mouse trap and it
>reminded me of something I heard once.
>In 1994 a better mouse trap was invented.  It never made it to market
>because of what happened after the inventor submitted it to the patent
>The PETA crowd complained that it would cause unnecessary pain and
>suffering when it killed the mice.
>The NAACM (national association for the advancement of colored mice)
>threatened to file a lawsuit because tests had shown that it caught an
>unacceptably high ratio of black mice to white mice.
>The hispanic rodents action league complained because in its tests a
>disproportionate number of mice caught had illegally entered the country
>from Mexico.
>The Animal Liberation Front threatened legal action because the trap was so
>effective that it would cause the starvation of untold millions of cats and
>snakes because of the reduction in their food supply.
>So many companies expressed such interest in the trap that the Justice
>Department launched an investagation into possible antitrust violations
>because the inventor wanted to require that anyone who bought the trap also
>needed the spring that comes with it.  Justice Department officials said
>the trap would work just fine without the spring and that the inventor's
>actions would prevent other manufacturers from entering the mouse trap
>spring market.
>After due consideration the inventor decided to cancell his plans to market
>the trap and returned to his home in Arizona.
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