Let the facts come out

Wed Feb 4 06:10:57 MST 1998

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>>We've had too much guessing, innuendo, retractions, and conclusions
>>with no evidence. Let's let ALL THE FACTS come out, and let the chips
>>As Mrs. Clinton said, someone will have a lot to answer for.
>>Steve Maher     http://www.wp.com/IrishMafia

>The wisest thing yet spoken on this matter.  We have tried and convicted on
>the word of an admitted liar.

>Stephen Frye

        No one has been tried and convicted in this intern matter.  But a lot
of questions have been raised and well they should be - vigorously.

        It may be wise to let facts come out, but how will they come out in
these matters?  Surely not inevitably, like some natural cycle, e.g. sunrise or
moon phases or parturition.  The obfusticators and obstructors are no doubt at
work.  Good investigators, backed by a public's support for their work, may
have some chance of making us more knowledgeable; hopefully, we will know what
to do with the facts as they come out; this will be the test of wisdom.

Bill White

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