Lack of U.S. Military Combat Strength

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Wed Feb 4 10:03:01 MST 1998

>Full military strength is not just what "Generals and Admirals have always
>wanted."   It's more likely what the various branch Secretaries and the
>SecDef want.  But, if you think the military is at full strength, let me
>tell you that, at this moment, the U.S. Air Force is deficient some 3500
>combat pilots.  The retention is down because morale is.  The Department of
>Defense is offering  pilots bonuses of $60,000 to stay in and still can't
>find enough takers.

I never said the military is at full strength.  Please re-read what I wrote.

And - again - this situation is not new to this administration.

I read just yesterday that Mr. Clinton's budget cuts military spending -
but that this cut is simply a place for negotiating some of his pet
programs - transportation specifically.  Let's see, then, how our congress
- which just boasted a belief in a strong military, responds to this.

There is a lot more to it than morale - The list goes on.  Again - if all
is blanketed under the term "morale" then so be it.  It's a trivialization
based on semantics.  But if we want to attract more people to the military,
then there will have to be close examinations in many areas.

Stephen Frye

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