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Wed Feb 4 10:00:00 MST 1998

Listening to Turner, Rodgers and others like them made me realize thank
goodness for people who have that obnoxious zeal and smarts, because if
everyone was like me we would still be riding in horse and buggies.
And I agree, Turner seems to act like a baby when it comes to his ego.

We live in a unique time in history, where anyone regardless of class,
sex, race or any other classification you may choose, can be successful
if they make the right decisions and put in the effort.  It may be very
difficult.  It may be more difficult for some than others.  But
compared to days past, where rulers, class and aristocracy determined
ones fate, one cannot deny the freedom we have as a result of "the
pursuit of happiness" (or property).  We still have our human failings,
but when power is divided amongst the whole population, there is much
less risk that our evil will get the best of us.

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>Yes, and I loved the spot he had the previous night
>pitting TJ Rodgers (Cypress Semiconductor) against
>that busybody nun who insisted that Rodgers put a fem
>on his Board.  It was delicious to see nonsense get
>its ass kicked.

>BTW, Turner on this occasion and on others looked to
>me like he is jealous as hell that Bill Gates is
>orders of magnitude smarter and wealthier than he is.


>At 09:27 AM 2/4/98 -0500, Gary Freitag wrote:
>>Did anyone see John Stossel last night?  What a show!  It debunked the
>>notion that there is something inherently evil and wrong about being
>>rich and greedy, that people who have amassed wealth also have brought
>>great benefits to others, that those benefits seem to far out weigh the
>>negatives, and that these people have not simply taken a larger portion
>>of the pie, but have increased the size of it.  He essentially showed
>>that despite the "gut feel" we have that something is wrong or evil
>>about desiring to be rich (except in the case of government where
>>people have simply taken a larger piece of the pie), that greed is not
>>on the same level as theft or other crimes for which we have laws for.
>>I hope everyone was able to see this show.
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