Taxes and the Poor

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Wed Feb 4 10:57:00 MST 1998

>I need some help.  I am engaged in a debate on my alumni list over my
>statement that the poor haven't been paying their fair share of taxes.
>Can someone provide a few examples that I could use to buttress my
>case?  Thanks.

You might pull out your handy 1040 form, sent to you FREE by your
caring, feeling government, and fill out several copies (in pencil)
as though you were any of the following:

1.) Married, filing jointly, two kids, taxable income $10,000/yr
2.) Married, filing jointly, one kid, taxable income $10,000/yr
3.) Married, filing jointly, no kids, taxable income $5,000/yr

Take standard deductions and exemptions throughout (poor people have
very few expenses to deduct, and nearly always take standard deductions).
Don't forget to take the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit)!

Get ready for a surprise.

Steve Maher

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