(HUMOR) Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Jose Rojas joserojas at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Feb 4 11:37:12 MST 1998

Darling, Charles wrote:
> GREAT JOB JOSE !  Only 2 questions --
>         1.  Are you keeping track of what people guess for passwords ?
> Bet that would be a hoot; and also a clue for #2:
>         2.  Can you separate visitor hit # into FBI and non-FBI?

1) no
2) Yes, of course. We also have categorized it into BATF, CIA, Boy
Scouts, Girls Scouts,
White House, and left wing whackos. You qualify for none of them.

End of message.

Conspiracy msg to follow:
i40,r-4==42  049t=04292-33rc40=i04 v2
End of msg


PS: thanks for the compliment

Jose Rojas
(C)1998 by my Dementia

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