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>>>> Jack Tomsky <jtomsky at IX.NETCOM.COM> 02/04/98 10:29am >>>
>I need some help.  I am engaged in a debate on my alumni list over my
>statement that the poor haven't been paying their fair share of taxes.
>Can someone provide a few examples that I could use to buttress my
>case?  Thanks.

>   Jack

Well, I could make the argument that they do pay their fair share,
perhaps more than that.  If a poor person rents (which is more likely
than own), they are paying the property tax (without the benefit of
deducting it).  If they have a mortgage, they are paying more because
the interest is deductible, increasing the demand for housing, thereby
increasing the price of the home.  They also paid a whole mess of taxes
when they purchased the home.  And if they drive, that's over 30 cents
per gallon.  Of course, there is sales, social security and Medicare
taxes.  In Ohio, they have a city tax (up to 2% last I lived there)
taken out of your paycheck- no refund there.  Utilities are loaded with
sales taxes and surcharges.  New York has a $1 law enforcement fee when
you renew your auto insurance.  Don't forget their employer pays
payroll taxes also: SS, Medicare, workers compensation.  And let's not
forget all those corporate taxes that get passed on through the price
of their product or service.  There are taxes added to airline tickets,
concerts and sporting events.  And often there are minimum prices on
some things to protect the poor.  There are tolls for bridges and

Are you sure the poor have not been paying enough?

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