The Starr

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Wed Feb 4 12:12:43 MST 1998

At 08:43 AM 2/4/98 +0000, Phil Gerdes wrote:

>I am beginning to think Mr Starr has decided he has an easy job, been
>doing in for 4 years now with no results.   I am beginning to think
>he is taking us for a ride and laughing all the way to the bank!!
>Then again, maybe I am wrong.

        Then, again, you may be right.......Lawrence Walsh fleeced us, now it's
Starr's turn.....

John A. Quayle

"I know liberals by now....they have NO argument because they fear the
light of truth. They are the vampires of the modern world, whose only goal
is to herd us like cattle so that they may eat of our substance." - Dr
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