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Wed Feb 4 12:18:10 MST 1998

At 07:35 AM 2/4/98 -0800, PapaPaul wrote:
>Yes, and I loved the spot he had the previous night
>pitting TJ Rodgers (Cypress Semiconductor) against
>that busybody nun who insisted that Rodgers put a fem
>on his Board.  It was delicious to see nonsense get
>its ass kicked.
>BTW, Turner on this occasion and on others looked to
>me like he is jealous as hell that Bill Gates is
>orders of magnitude smarter and wealthier than he is.

        FWIW, Turner and Gates are two of the same ilk.....flaming libbies.


John A. Quayle

"I know liberals by now....they have NO argument because they fear the
light of truth. They are the vampires of the modern world, whose only goal
is to herd us like cattle so that they may eat of our substance." - Dr
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