Capital Punishment

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Thu Feb 5 12:19:49 MST 1998

>REAL evidence (not the kind used by that hysteria-pushing web site)
>indicates that CP may have a deterrent effect on murderers. More study
>is obviously needed-- and is just as obviously abhorrent to certain
>people who don't want their conclusions disturbed by facts.

You claim in this paragraph that the death penalty *may* have a deterrent
effect on murder rate.  I agree.  You state earlier in your essay that it
indeed does.  This remains unproven.  I agree - a very subtle distinction
between *does* and *may*, but an important one.  I would be interested in
seeing an accurate, thorough study, with an honest conclusion.
Unsubstantiated claims are no better than what we already have.

You raise some interesting points.  It has been my experience, though, that
many in favor of the death penalty do not cite deterrent as a reason for
their position, just as many opposed to the death penalty do not choose
lack of deterrent as the basis for their opposition.

Stephen Frye

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