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A.C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Thu Feb 5 17:04:38 MST 1998

But if it's found out bc lied --every day it looks more and more likely--
maybe he won't be in office too much longer to sign anything.

BTW kinda knew that his little late nite "walks" 'round his golfer pals'
estate last year wasn't all dat innocent after all.....reports say that
there's a video tape --at a Florida TV station-- of the ex-intern at the
golfer's estate.  Oh, and hc wasn't there with bc during his "golf" lessons.

Could he have been horsing 'round, trying to feel young again with the
20somethingyearold, falling and hurting himself chasing the ex-intern's

Hmmm......let's give starr a chance...he may not let America down after all
in his investigation of bc & the wh.

Jim Nantz wrote:

> If Clinton signs that bill it will put me in a position I'm not used to.
> I'm not used to being in a situation where I find myself supporting
> something Bill Clinton did.
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