Reagan and the union thugs

Jose Rojas joserojas at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Feb 5 20:42:17 MST 1998

Jim Nantz wrote:
> I just bet that the union thugs are loving the fact that National
> airport
> will be renamed Ronald Reagan airport.

I think it was on CNN that they mentioned that the air traffic
controllers vow not to use the name "Ronald Reagan Airport"
Should make for an interesting exchange:

Pilot: "Tower, this is Eastern Flight 765, need landing clearance"

Controller: "Flight 765 Welcome to the airport formerly known as "George
Washington International, you are cleared on runway 22"

Pilot: "Huh?"

Controller; "you heard me flyboy, the airport formerly known as "George

and so on, and so on.

Jose Rojas
(C)1998 by my Dementia

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