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At 08:21 AM 2/6/98 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>I know that most if not all of us would like to see Clinton impeached.
>However the congress should be careful here.  Before impeachment
>proceedings begin they should make sure that they have enough evidence to
>support impeachment proceedings. Otherwise it will make them look bad, and
make them vulnerable to charges of harassing el presidente which might
>anger the soccer moms and other left leaning voters.
>If they come up with enough evidence to make it stick then go for it.

        IMHO, the evidence *IS* available. However, Starr's gotta make sure that
his process is minutely letter-perfect. Otherwise, an up-and-coming F. Lee
Bailey wannabe will get everything turned on appeal. That, plus having
options available to end run their stone-walling is another consideration.

John A. Quayle

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