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Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Fri Feb 6 12:01:00 MST 1998

>        Watched the Reagan show last night on FOX, and loved it.  The part
>that made me smile in fond memory was the politician and priest joke.  Oh
>how I long for someone of stature in the oval office, instead of some
>hyperhormoned, draft dodging, liar...

A few Halloweens ago, Mike McCurry opened a press conference at the
White House, by crouching down behind the podium and holding up some
sort of puppet, and squeaking the opening remarks in a high-pitched
voice as though the puppet were speaking. It was a day or two before
Halloween. I'm not sure if it was just before the '96 election, or
a YEAR plus a few days before the election (sorry, it was a while ago).

Limbaugh showed this on his TV show, which was still going at the time.
His only comment was, "Won't it be a relief to finally get some *adults*
in there??"

As true now as then,

Steve Maher   http://www.wp.com/IrishMafia


"It's not that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so
much that isn't so." - Ronald Reagan

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