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> Subject: Polls & gender
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> Several folks in the media and public have questioned why women
> --including feminist groups-- have not risen up and publicly attacked the
> POTUS re the recent scandalous allegations of an improper relationship
> with a twentysomething ex-intern and whether he told others to lie for him.
> In fact, recent polls indicate that women consistently support the POTUS,
> regardless of the allegations of sexual impropriety.  But many, at the same
> time, wonder why those same people who were quick to rush to judge Packwood
> and Thomas have remained silent on this matter.  Why is that?  Is it
> political or do women --including feminist groups-- genuinely feel that the
> POTUS has told the American voting public the truth about his alleged
> relationship with the twentysomething ex-intern?  Or does the female voting
> bloc care either way?  BTW, the same polls indicate that if it does turn out
> that the POTUS has, in fact, lied, he should be removed or voluntarily
> resign.
> Or this an "non-issue?"  Either way, any comments from folks on this list
> would be appreciated.
> Regards,
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