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> FORNIGATE: President Clinton is not terribly convincing when he denies
>   having a "sexual relationship" with former White House intern Monica
>   Lewinsky. A Cable News Network/Time magazine poll taken just after the
>   charges came to light finds that 48 percent of Americans believe he did
>   have an affair with her. Just 31 percent think he didn't; 21 percent
>   are unsure. A parallel CBS television network poll found 41 percent
>   said the charges were "probably true" while 21 percent thought the
>   charges were "probably untrue". Clinton has steadfastly insisted the
>   charges are false. (UPI) ...However, he has offered to pay Monica's dry
>   cleaning bill.
> SEX, LIES AND AUDIOTAPE: The charges against President Clinton came to
>   light after a former White House secretary recorded her telephone calls
>   with Monica Lewinsky once the intern had been transferred away from the
>   White House. After turning the tapes over to Special Prosecutor Kenneth
>   Starr, Tripp wore a hidden microphone during an in-person meeting with
>   Lewinsky in an attempt to gather even more evidence. (Christian Science
>   Monitor) ...So, forevermore, any secret taping to gather evidence
>   against a president will be known as a "Tripp-wire".
> STAND BY YOUR MAN: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is said to be "not
>   flinching" from the charges against her husband. The idea of him
>   committing adultery in the White House with an intern follows a long
>   line of similar charges, such as those levied by Gennifer Flowers and
>   Paula Jones. "I think people would certainly rather see her err on the
>   side of being a little bit naive and saving her marriage than going out
>   and questioning his integrity in front of the country," claims former
>   White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers. (AP) ...Still, Hilary plans
>   to write a new book, "It Takes a Village to Satisfy My Husband".
> FATHER FIGURE: Former President Jimmy Carter says Bill Clinton is not
>   distracted from his presidential duties by the charges swirling around
>   Washington. "I think President Clinton has a remarkable ability to
>   focus on matters that are of concern to our country," he said. However,
>   he would not say whether he believed Clinton's denials about the
>   adulterous affair. Further, he refused to say whether he and Clinton
>   had discussed the scandal during a "wide-ranging" meeting. "If we did,
>   I wouldn't tell you," Carter said. (Reuters) ...Bill simply insisted on
>   knowing how Carter turned admissions of "lust in my heart" into a
>   political advantage.
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> FREE WILLIE: An "outraged" President Clinton angrily defended himself
>   against charges that he had an affair with a White House intern and
>   then urged her to lie about their liaisons under oath. However,
>   reporters questioned his use of "lawyer words" in his denial, such as
>   Clinton saying he did not have "any improper relations" with the woman.
>   They wondered aloud what kind of relations, then, did they have?
>   Clinton further says he never told anyone to lie, but rather says
>   everyone should "tell the truth in this matter." (UPI) ...They're right
>   to force him to be precise. He never has been able to remember the
>   difference between "lie" and "lay".
> PRESIDENTIAL SEMANTICS: The wording of Bill Clinton's denials in the
>   Clinterngate scandal have left observers groping for answers. "A lot of
>   people speculate -- and it has been reported -- that the president says
>   oral sex does not constitute a sexual relationship. Is that his view?"
>   asked reporter Tony Snow of White House aide Ann Lewis on "Fox News
>   Sunday". No, Lewis answered. "Sex is sex ... a sexual relationship
>   means what it says, and that includes sex," she said in an apparently
>   unsuccessful attempt to clarify his beliefs. (Reuters) ...This wouldn't
>   be the first time a president has been brought down by "Deep Throat".
> BLUE GENES: An analysis by Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter suggests
>   that President Clinton is predestined to cheat on his wife. Factors
>   such as growing up in Hot Springs, Ark., ("then a wide-open gambling
>   town") and genetics ("Everyone in Clinton's immediate family suffered
>   from some kind of compulsive disorder or addiction") have made illicit
>   affairs hard for Clinton to resist, Alter says. Add to that the
>   Freudian connection between "'power and the penis' (you knew that was
>   coming up some time)", and the president's many sex scandals begin to
>   make sense. (Newsweek) ...The First Lady has some pre-destiny action
>   going too: one anagram of "Hillary Rodham Clinton" is "Lynch harlot in
>   mid-oral".
> PRE-INSTALLED VELCRO SEAMS: ABC News reported that Monica Lewinsky had
>   received a dress as a gift from the president, and that it was soiled
>   with ...uh... a large sample of his DNA. However, rival CBS News
>   reports that the FBI confiscated the dress during a search of
>   Lewinsky's apartment and has found "no traces" of DNA evidence on the
>   garment. (UPI) ...Leading to possible "obstruction of justice" charges
>   against Martha Stewart for sending a copy of her "Fighting Stubborn
>   Stains" video to the White House.
> TAILGATE: A poll by Time magazine and the Cable News Network finds that
>   while 65 percent think it is likely President Clinton indeed had an
>   affair with Monica Lewinsky, 54 percent of those surveyed think
>   Clinton's moral standards are the same as the average married man.
>   (Reuters) ...The American Dream is still alive: anyone can grow up to
>   be president!
>   Clinton" -- UPI headline
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