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Mon Feb 9 12:34:58 MST 1998

FEBRUARY 9, 1998

    Paul Baggala's "frothing at the mouth" denunciation of
Judge Kenneth Starr on the Sunday TV News Shows gave new
meaning to the adjective "Cheap Shot Artist."

    Anytime he was stopped by an interviewer to answer why
his boss will not tell the people what his relationship was
with Monaca, he'd "mumble" about legal restraints (none of
which applies to the President) and then go back to
attacking Starr.
    Looking into the camera "without blinking" Beggala claimed
that "sources in Starr's office are leaking, and that might be
criminal (a majority of Starr's staff are registered Democrats)
-- a much more serious crime, frankly, than signing a false
affidavit by a 24-year-old kid in a  civil lawsuit." (Read: Monica's
possible perjury to save Clinton should be of no concern to
"we the people.")

   If the latest polls are right, "The Artist" has earned his keep.

Kenneth E. Wyman

"One must fight, if only to have fought according to one's conscience"

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