Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Mon Feb 9 12:55:54 MST 1998

I think I have good reason to suspect Clinton or his cronies are
responsible for the leaks.  Clinton already knows that so many people don't
care what's said about him.  He knows that if this stuff's leaked it won't
hurt him but could be used to hurt Ken Starr's office if the right spin is
put on it.  Follow me here.  Clinton leaks it.  The press reports it.
Clinton and his cronies get to complain about it and blame it on Starr.  If
Clinton leaks somethng "false" he gets to come back in a day or two,
present his "evidence" of it's falsehood and use this to discredit those
who would say such mean things about him.
"Sarah Brady ought to be put down. A humane shot at a veterinarian's would
be an easy way to do it." - Bob Mohan, KFYI-Phoenix

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