[Fwd: C-NEWS: Going to Court Against Ronald Reagan]

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Mon Feb 9 18:34:34 MST 1998

>>> The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority is threatening to try to
>>> block the name change from Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan
>>> Washington National Airport in court.
>>> According to their External Affairs office February 9, they have received
>>> only one call in support of renaming the airport.
>This is the legal basis for a court case? What am I missing?
Dennis you're forgetting something here.  Liberals don't care if they have
a valid reason for a court case.  This is how liberals get what they want.
They know their ideas are so unpopular  they won't make it in the
democratic process.  They know the only way they can get what they want is
through the courts.
"Sarah Brady ought to be put down. A humane shot at a veterinarian's would
be an easy way to do it." - Bob Mohan, KFYI-Phoenix

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