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Mon Feb 9 14:37:14 MST 1998

At 12:55 PM 2/9/98 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>       I think I have good reason to suspect Clinton or his cronies are
>responsible for the leaks. Clinton already knows that so many people don't
>care what's said about him. He knows that if this stuff's leaked it won't
>hurt him but could be used to hurt Ken Starr's office if the right spin is
>put on it. Follow me here. Clinton leaks it. The press reports it.
>Clinton and his cronies get to complain about it and blame it on Starr. If
>Clinton leaks somethng "false" he gets to come back in a day or two,
>present his "evidence" of it's falsehood and use this to discredit those
>who would say such mean things about him.

        Now.......you know why he is called "SLICK".....

John A. Quayle

"Government is *NOT* the solution to our problem........ Government is the
 - Ronald Reagan, Inaugural Address, 1981

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