Peter Jennings and the Stock Market

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Wed Feb 11 10:12:03 MST 1998

At 10:32 PM 2/10/98 -0800, Jack Tomsky wrote:
>Tonight, on World News Tonight, Peter Jennings admitted that he was
>wrong about the stock market.  Since 1982, when the Dow Jones average
>stood at 778, the market has increased to more than tenfold.  During
>this time, Peter Jennings has rarely mentioned the steady consistent
>rise in the price of stocks.  However, when there is a temporary
>correction, it becomes the lead story.  "Panic.  Stock market crash.
>The Asian crisis.  Insecurity."
>   Tonight he said,
>   "Good evening.  We're going to begin tonight with the power and
>confidence of the small investor.  When the stock market rose today to a
>record high, it caught SOME PEOPLE off guard.  The government and the
>MEDIA have been so intently focused on all that perilous news from Asia
>and what it would mean here.  At the end of January, most of the market
>analysts thought it would be a bad year.  Today, however, it looked like
>individual investors were saying 'whatever happened in the rest of the
>world, putting my money here at home was as good as putting it
>anywhere.'  Today, the Dow Jones industrials gained 115 points and the
>record high at the close was 8,295 (sic)."
>   If you think that's not an admission of error, then you don't know
>Peter Jennings.  After all, when there are two minutes to go to air
>time, he's still rewriting the lead story in his head. He also types at
>his computer keyboard with two fingers.

        Very perceptive on all points. Jennings detests "humble pie" and having to
consume it in public. And, yes, he is self-taught at typing - as are a
great many "veterans" in the business. Most are downright awful at typing,
as well.

John A. Quayle

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