Two copies of every RUSHTALK post

John B Hammes economic at NETINS.NET
Wed Feb 11 16:44:10 MST 1998

Sorry guys,

My appologies for the inconvenience.  I've been working on moving to a
new location, finishing up my two present jobs, and preparing to start
a new one in the new location.  I haven't been paying as much
attention to the list as I should have been for the last couple of
weeks, but I should be done with all this garbage in another week or
so.  I'll probably fix your problems before then, but if I don't,
please bear with me.

Thanks for your patience so far! :)
John Hammes

On Mon, 9 Feb 1998, Hank Stanley wrote:

:-)I have exactly the same problem.  I'm unsubbing at work and re-subbing at
:-)home but our new server at work isn't recognized by listserv at athena.  So,
:-)I'm halfway unsubscribed: I get all the posts but can't respond from work.
:-)I wrote John Hammes for help but haven't heard from him.
:-)At 12:39 2/9/98 -0800, Maher, Steve (SD-MS) wrote:
:-)>My company recently changed its name and domain. I managed to sign
:-)>on again with the new name, but couldn't sign off from the old one
:-)>'cuz all my posts are now coming from the new domain name, and the
:-)>server won't accept them...!
:-)>SO, now I'm getting two copies of each post, one (I believe) sent
:-)>to the old name, and one to the new.
:-)>Can anybody help get my old company name, off the list?
:-)>Old name:   smaher at   <----- delete this one
:-)>New name:   smaher at     <----- keep this one as-is
:-)>Steve Maher

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