Bill Rescues Bruce

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Feb 11 21:13:04 MST 1998

In the matter of Bruce (Brer) Babbitt,,,,,

''I have known Bruce Babbitt for many years. He is a man of the HIGHEST
INTEGRITY and dedicated public servant. I am convinced that when this
matter is concluded he will be vindicated,'' said Clinton. ''I look forward
to his continuing service to the American people.''

Well, if Billy Boy says so,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I'd like to recommend "The Washington Payoff" by Robert N Winter-Berger,
1972. It opened my eyes to the kind of corruption Babbitt is now charged with.
It is also an elaboration of the truth: "Power corrupts and absolute
power corrupts absolutely."  But before you read it, be prepared to learn
that both parties are deep in the same cesspool.

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