Bruce Babbit

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Thu Feb 12 01:04:36 MST 1998

I thought that perhaps I could shed some light on Bruce Babbit.  For most
of my life I've lived in Arizona where he comes from.  His family has been
in the state for somewhere around 100 years.  They made their money in
ranching then opened their own stores.  Babbit's department stores are
still found in northern Arizona although the Babbit family no longer owns
it. Back in the 70s Bruce was governor of Arizona for a few years.  Now
however Bruce isn't all that popular at home.  Of course the liberals love
him but the rest of us don't.  One thing that has a lot of people mad at
him is the fact that although his family made their fortune in ranching
Bruce is playing the radical environmentalist.  I guess that's sort of what
we have with algore; for political gain turning on that which you and your
family have profited from.

GO HOME BRUCE!!  I hope to be in Flagstaff to welcome you back.
"Sarah Brady ought to be put down. A humane shot at a veterinarian's would
be an easy way to do it." - Bob Mohan, KFYI-Phoenix

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