Tension in the Middle East

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Thu Feb 12 00:31:42 MST 1998

Most likely everyone on this list is aware that Iraq is attempting to
circumvent the United States/Nations' attempts to determine of Iraq is
now making or has the capability of making chemical warfare agents.  All
parties involved are attempting to reach a diplomatic solution to the
problem, while President Clinton and others in our government are using
the threat of military strikes if the diplomatic efforts aren't reached.

Question I pose to everyone on this list:

        Should the United States take the initiative and provide Iraq
with an ultimatum, to open up all their facilities for the UN to search
within a preset length of time or face the consequences of strategic air
strikes against Iraqi military targets?

In other words, should the United States use its military might to wake
Iraq up?

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this and if you decide to reply to the
list, please carbon copy me, so I might tabulate the results of this
informal poll?

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and may your God be with you
during the upcoming weeks.

Richard Whitenight
Rum.runner at juno.com
Richard.Whitenight at chrysalis.org
RWhitenigh at aol.com

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