How sweet it is

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Thu Feb 12 04:07:53 MST 1998

I was just watching ABC news and they're reporting the financial troubles
of the teamsters union.  They went heavily into debt due to the UPS strike
and now they have a net worth of only $750,000.  They're also saying the
union is seriously considering staff reductions and reductions in member
services.  ABC also said the teamsters may have to declare bankruptcy.

Just think what this means.  The DNC is broke so they won't be able to
finance a smear campaign against the Republicans like they did last time.
Also the teamsters won't be able to fund a "they're taking away grandma's
medicine" campaign.  So we won't see the onslaught of rabid attacks against
the conservatives funded by the democrats and the unions.  I know other
unions aren't in the shape the teamsters are but they're bound to be
looking at this.  They're going to be reluctant to try it again because it
didn't work last time.  Also the other unions see the teamsters as a union
that pursued a personal vendetta of the leadership and the trouble they're
in now.  There will be some ads but not like last time.

Yesterday morning I was listening to Jim Quinn ( at WRRK in
Pittsburgh.  He was saying we're seeing the death of liberal feminism.
Because of their silence on the scandals involving Komrade Klinton they're
sending a message that it's ok to do the stuff Klinton's accused of.  He
was talking about the cause of sexual harassment by executives when he said
the cause has been set back several years. After all the feminists did the
last several years, they're back to where they started. All of this because
they're sending the message that it's ok.
"Sarah Brady ought to be put down. A humane shot at a veterinarian's would
be an easy way to do it." - Bob Mohan, KFYI-Phoenix

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