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Jose Rojas joserojas at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Feb 12 10:48:13 MST 1998

Jim Nantz wrote:
> I was just watching ABC news and they're reporting the financial
> troubles of the teamsters union.  They went heavily into debt due to the UPS
> strike and now they have a net worth of only $750,000.  They're also saying
> the union is seriously considering staff reductions and reductions in
> member services.  ABC also said the teamsters may have to declare bankruptcy.
> Just think what this means.  The DNC is broke so they won't be able to
> finance a smear campaign against the Republicans like they did last
> time.

I thought I read somewhere that the unions were planning on raising dues
to do exactly what you think they can't do. I can't find it now but did
anyone else read it or was it just one of my hallucinations again?


Jose Rojas
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