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Larry Long llong at CCAD.UIOWA.EDU
Thu Feb 12 11:56:23 MST 1998

>Jim Nantz wrote:
>> I was just watching ABC news and they're reporting the financial
>> troubles of the teamsters union.  They went heavily into debt due to the UPS
>> strike and now they have a net worth of only $750,000.  They're also saying
>> the union is seriously considering staff reductions and reductions in
>> member services.  ABC also said the teamsters may have to declare
>> Just think what this means.  The DNC is broke so they won't be able to
>> finance a smear campaign against the Republicans like they did last
>> time.
>I thought I read somewhere that the unions were planning on raising dues
>to do exactly what you think they can't do. I can't find it now but did
>anyone else read it or was it just one of my hallucinations again?

I heard something very much like that on the news, but can't recall too much
detail.  Thought I heard a piece of legislation was being prepared to block
such an
attempt but can't be sure ("I don't recall").


"When law and morality contradict one another, the citizen
has the cruel alternative of either losing his sense of morality,
or his respect for the law."

-- I dunno who said this; maybe Bill Murray?

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