The LIV Unconstitutional

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At 12:35 AM -0500 2/13/98, Tony wrote:

>While I agree with the sentiment, Congress did not delegate its
>lawMAKING authority.  It delegated the enforcement of the laws to these
>various agencies.  It is true that these various agencies implement
>rules regarding the laws through the CFR.  Executive orders deal with
>actions of the government agencies and employees and are really not
>Maybe this is splitting hairs, but I think it is an important

That's not true.  The Congress has delegated its lawmaking authority  For
example, the new EPA air-quality standards, the ones that will have us all
driving electric tin cans and prohibiting backyard barbeques, were not
drafted by Congress but drafted by the EPA and approved the the President.
Congress can block it, but if it takes no action, the rules go into effect.

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