The LIV Unconstitutional

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On 13 Feb 98 at 12:18, Rich Tandler wrote:

> At 12:35 AM -0500 2/13/98, Tony wrote:
> >While I agree with the sentiment, Congress did not delegate its
> >lawMAKING authority.  It delegated the enforcement of the laws to these
> >various agencies.  It is true that these various agencies implement
> >rules regarding the laws through the CFR.  Executive orders deal with
> >actions of the government agencies and employees and are really not
> >laws.
> >
> >Maybe this is splitting hairs, but I think it is an important
> >distinction.
> That's not true.  The Congress has delegated its lawmaking authority  For
> example, the new EPA air-quality standards, the ones that will have us all
> driving electric tin cans and prohibiting backyard barbeques, were not
> drafted by Congress but drafted by the EPA and approved the the President.
> Congress can block it, but if it takes no action, the rules go into effect.
> Rich Tandler

It's a law to a citizen if the citizen gets into trouble with any
type of government agency.  It's not a law if you don't do it
you 'don't' get money?  Never mind, I am getting confused.

There is a seat belt law, the police can't stop you for not wearing
seatbelts, but if you're in an accident they can ticket you for
not wearing a seatbelt.

 I like the LIV, it can be overridden, why would it be constitutional
to veto a whole bill but unconstitutional to veto a paragraph of a

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