constitution question

Hank Stanley arjohns at ADNC.COM
Sat Feb 14 15:24:00 MST 1998

At 12:09 2/13/98 +0000, you wrote:
>What is wrong with this statement?
OK, I'll play along.
Other than it's stupid, the question begs for the edification of the
questioner (which, hopefully, is the real object).
> The Constitution  of the USofA is outmoded and very much out of touch with
> the reality of our times.  It does not deal with today's issues or culture.
It deals with every one of today's issues!  It is a living document which
is the only one of its kind (at least up to the point in time that it was
written) that _established_ a nation of free people.  All other previous
governments that allowed various degrees of freedom had evolved into such
conditions.  The founders who wrote our Constitution had the "original
intent" to START OUT from the belief that mankind derived his freedoms from
God as a birthright, not from some king or state.  They mandated a reversal
in the affairs of nationalities that existed at the time: that the
government should petition the people to decide what rights they should
allow the government to "borrow" temporarily.

That's why it's ridiculous for the current administration to say that it
doesn't want to give tax cuts to the people without first determining how
"to pay for them."  Ludicrous!  If the country is in a position to render
tax cuts, it should do so first, then adjust government to accomodate them
for the people, not the other way around.  But, that's the Constitution
being perverted by authority (itself an unconstitutional act) and
misrepresentation (blatant demagoguery).  No, the document is still sound,
it's the politicians and authoritarian miscreants who make it appear to be
out of touch with "today's issues or culture."

More likely, if people are of the mind that the Constitution doesn't deal
with "today's issues or culture," they are victims of relativism.  The
Consitution is a foundation for freedom, just the way the Ten Commandments
and the Golden Rule are foundations for morality and conduct.  Are these
out of date also?  Only to the relativists who are ungrounded in a belief
system that sets civilized standards.  Generally, the question of
applicability of these foundations to "today's issues or culture" arises
when the foundations start to impinge upon the libertine lifestyles of the
culture itself.

Even so, the writers of Constitution allowed for the accomodation of
changes which they couldn't begin to imagine.  As such, the Document has
been modified 28 times --about every 7 1/2 years-- during it's existence.
The fact that it has been modified so little (some find that arguable)
should be proof of its resilience and applicability to even "today's culture."

>Then again, would this be an accurate statement?

Wait.  Let me guess.  Your formative years were spent attending public
school, weren't they?


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