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>>From AP (I think):
>Whatever the reality of the Lewinsky case, Mary Kay Hoops, a 39-year-old
>warehouse clerk from Springfield, Mo., says she can understand how
>individuals - young or old - become spellbound in the presence of
>high-powered people.
>``I admit it. I am impressed by the trappings of power. Simply hearing the
>word motorcade makes my pulse race,'' she wrote in an article about meeting
>Vice President Al Gore in October 1996. ``By the time we actually touched
>the V.P., I was so giddy I could only smile foolishly and grunt.''

        What irked me to no end was that Friday evening, ABC News reported that
the Justice Department and the Treasury Department were "going to do
everything they can to prevent Mr. Fox from testifying". Fox is a retired
Secret Service Agent, from Waynesburg, Pa.

        ABC even put another retired agent on the screen who said that Fox was
"committing one of the greatest crimes in Secret Service History."

        For openers, why is the Justice Department so named, since they are out to
impede justice? Secondly, why is the Treasury Department involved? Two
questions that McCurry ought to be physically *FORCED* to answer.

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